Believe it or not, you can get a production printer at a reasonable cost!

“Xerox Color C60 Printer wins BLI’s 2016 PRO Award for Outstanding Color Light Production.”

That’s a pretty great review from a company known for researching tools to drive business success. Buyers Lab (BLI) gave its annual PRO awards, including one for the Xerox Color C60. This is a production printer that has been tried, tested and proven in the field. One of its key features isversatility. Getting to specifics, why did the Xerox C60 production printer win this award? Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Efficient handling of tests of high volume print jobs performed by BLI
  • Rich solid color complete with high density even on uncoated paper
  • Thanks to Xerox’s EA toner, this production printer can run specialty media
  • Uncommon color stability, whether media is coated or uncoated

These are only a few of the qualities BLI called out. So it’s clear that this is a well tested, well-reviewed piece of craftsmanship. But can you, as a business, afford production level quality printing?

Common Misconceptions about Production Printers

So often, when people think of “production printers” they think of

  • Huge carbon footprint
  • Huge machine
  • Huge upfront cost
  • Huge upkeep cost

They think of everything as humongous, cumbersome and just not for a business their size. You’ll be glad to hear that this simply isn’t the case. The Xerox Color C60 has a similar footprint to what you would think of as a “normal” standing model. What sets this printer apart is its ability to produce unparalleled quality even when faced with a huge print job. Now there’s that “huge” part about production printers!