Switching to a fax service can save you money

Are you paying too much for analog fax lines? Whether your organization receives just the occasional fax or faxing is a regular occurrence, it makes sense to find out just how much it costs you.

Do the Math

Finding out just how much you’re paying for those analog fax lines can be a real eye opener. Use this simple quantity X cost equation to run the numbers:

Cost per Analog Fax Line X Number of Fax Lines = Monthly Analog Fax Line Spend

Now let’s plug in some numbers.

Let’s assume your organization has 10 fax lines as your business has grown and the average cost per month for each line is $50. A quick calculation using our above equation gives us a total of $500 each month, or $6,000 annually. That’s a pretty hefty outlay each year, but unfortunately, the costs don’t end there, and you’ll need to add in:

  • Long distance fees.
  • Cost of devices.
  • Cost of paper and supplies.
  • Maintenance and service calls.

When these additional costs are added to the above example of $6,000, it’s easy to see how analog fax lines could be costing your company upwards of $10,000 each year. Considering that most fax lines now sit idle 90% of the time, that’s a hefty price tag to absorb.

Ready for a Different Approach?

From health care to sales, public relations, and legal firms, many organizations still require faxing, but there are ways to reduce the costs involved. A fax service is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Consider these benefits:

  • Improved functionality and accessibility.
  • Improved user experience.
  • A dedicated fax number. In fact, you can keep your existing number so clients won’t have difficulty reaching you.

If you can reduce your costs and provide a better user experience by dumping your analog fax lines, what’s stopping you?