Simple and Secure: Xerox Mobile Solutions

Initially an employee-driven movement, bring your own device (BYOD) users were mainly focused on the convenience of having one mobile device for both personal use and work-related projects. Today, many employers have gone from reluctantly accepting the preference to recognizing the advantages. So much so that it is predicted that 50% of employers will go from accepting the BYOD inclination to requiring it. Small-to-medium businesses, in particular, are realizing that BYOD can help them go mobile without a huge investment of capital.

A Mobile Solution That Works

BYOD has not been without its growing pains, including concerns of employers about data leakage and a secure mobile print solution. Flynn’s, alongside Xerox, have recognized and responded to this need by providing leading-edge technologies addressing both security and a user demand for simplicity. BothXerox Mobile Print and the Xerox Mobile Link App offer one-touch personalized solutions allowing BYOD workers to conveniently send documents from their mobile devices to workflows, multifunction printers, and cloud storage solutions without compromising security.

The Xerox Mobile Link App

The Xerox Mobile Link App is refreshingly simple to deploy. Users can scan, store, fax, email, and print documents, all from their mobile device. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. The Xerox Mobile Link App offers simple one-step pairing using a QR code or auto-discover capabilities that list available multifunction printer choices.
  2. From there, users can route documents directly to email, fax, or cloud storage solutions like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive for Business or Office 365. The choices are personalized based upon the user’s mobile device.
  3. Offering one-touch scanning to workflows or various mobile device destinations, users simply scan their documents and the Xerox Mobile Link App routes them directly where they need to go. There’s no need to acquire additional software or middleware for successful launching.

To learn more about the many mobile document solutions offered by Xerox, contact us at Flynn’s Office Solutions today!