Trust Xerox for State-of-the-Art Cost Control and Security Solutions

Finding new avenues to reduce expenditures is one-way companies can address the rising cost of doing business. Xerox can help you identify hidden costs and take action to get them under control.

Cost Control Made Simple

Many businesses unknowingly spend up to 6% of annual revenues just to create documents. A detailed print analysis can help business owners discover exactly what’s being spent on printing documents, and it’s often a real eye opener. Even when the number is much higher than expected, the good news comes with the realization that Xerox offers simple and effective cost control solutions that work.

  • Take advantage of built-in cost control capabilities, like Xerox’s Earth Smart features on the Xerox Global Print Driver.
  • Recoup printing expenses with tracking software like Xerox Standard Accounting that makes departmental charge-backs and client billing easier than ever.
  • Set restrictions through the User Permission control like who can use color, printing internal documents in draft mode and putting departmental limits on printing.

Enhance Document Security

From unclaimed documents left in printer trays to external threats from hackers and malware, your printers can represent a real security threat. Xerox provides state-of-the-art document security defenses to make sure your printers aren’t the weak link that puts your information at risk.

  • Control who uses your multifunction printers with access codes, passwords, and user authentications.
  • Trust Xerox Mobile Print for secure document printing for mobile and remote workers.
  • Stop documents from being released into print trays until the authorized user is there to claim them.

To learn more ways Xerox can help your organization reduce costs and increase security, contact us today!