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Optimize your operational costs by leasing Multifunction Printers (MFPs). Xerox® MFPs combine the capabilities of a printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine into one single, powerful machine. Flynn’s Office Solutions offers an array of Multifunction Printer leasing solutions for businesses in Manhattan, New York City, that value speed, quality, and security.

From 30 PPM to 150 PPM – we have a massive range of ConnectKey®-enabled printers with varying capabilities that you can choose from, depending on your office size and unique usage needs. With cloud-connected workflow apps, intuitive touch functionalities, multi-device connectivity, and lots of advanced features, our Xerox® color and black-and-white MFPs are more than just office printers – they are smart workplace assistants. Switch to Xerox® with Flynn’s.

Why Choose an MFP above other printers?

  • 1.5K to 700K


  • 20 to 150 PPM

  • Mobile-Ready Features

  • Outstanding Output Quality

  • Reduced Printing Cost

Why Choose a Xerox® MFP?

No more scattered devices – Xerox® MFPs are a perfect fit for any contemporary workplace setting that needs an integrated solution for its everyday printing, scanning, copying, and faxing needs. Here’s why all-in-one printers by Xerox® outclass its contemporaries.

Modern Businesses Need Cutting-Edge Technology

Powered by ConnectKey® Technology, Xerox® MFPs have WiFi connectivity for mobile printing, cloud-connected apps, and more.

Top Security Features

Contemporary Xerox® MFPs are built to keep your sensitive business data and personal information safe. With an array of built-in security features, you never have to worry about data vulnerability risks.

Printers Designed for Scalable Production Volumes

Our extensive portfolio of diverse Xerox® MFPs features products that can produce 150K pages a month without compromising on quality.

Smart, Intuitive, and User-Friendly MFPs

With tablet-like touchscreen functionality, Xerox® MFPs make it easy for your workforce to print, scan, copy, fax, and mail in a hassle-free manner.

Exceptional Quality and Ultra-Professional Outputs

Xerox® color or Monochrome MFPs are capable of delivering crisp text, detailed graphics, polished images, and intricate details, never running out of steam.


Got questions? Read on as we unravel the answers to the most commonly asked questions. Whether you are switching to a new lease, purchasing a new Multifunction Printer, or comparing products and vendors, here’s everything you need to know.

Who are the ideal candidates for leasing Multifunction Printers?

Multifunction Printers are versatile machines that can lend a hand to various departments or businesses. Whether it’s the administrative wing needing document copying, the marketing team requiring high-quality prints, the HR department scanning important records, or the operations team sending faxes, the law firm printing legal documents, or the accounting department producing financial reports, these printers serve as all-in-one solutions catering to diverse needs across the organization.

What is the definition of ‘high-volume’ when referring to printers?

High volume for a printer typically refers to a significant capacity of printing output or print speeds over a specific period, often measured in pages per month or pages per minute. It varies based on the printer’s intended use and capabilities, but a high-volume printer is designed to handle several thousand pages per month, ranging from 5,000 to 100,000 pages per month or more, depending on the printer’s design and purpose. For multifunction printers, the high-volume capability can range from 1,500 to 700,000 pages per month, reflecting their versatile usage and robust performance across various tasks.

What is the typical lifespan of a Multifunction Copier?

The useful life of a Multifunction Copier typically spans several years, influenced by factors such as usage, maintenance, technology advancements, and manufacturer specifications. Multifunction Printers (MFPs) are designed to deliver high productivity and remain operational and efficient for around 5 to 7 years under normal usage conditions. However, this can vary based on the specific model, frequency of use, and advancements in printing technology over time. Regular maintenance and proper care can often extend the printer’s lifespan beyond this average range.

What is the difference between Multifunction and Production Printers?

Multifunction Printers:
Multifunction Printers, or MFPs, consolidate several essential functions into one device, making them versatile solutions for offices or homes. They efficiently handle tasks such as printing, scanning, copying, and faxing, streamlining various jobs within a single machine. MFPs are known for their convenience and space-saving design. While they may not match the speed of Production Printers, they offer a range of quality options for printing and finishing, making them suitable for diverse needs. Additionally, Multifunction Printers come with mobile-ready features, allowing users to print from their smartphones or tablets. They also contribute to reduced printing costs over time while maintaining outstanding output quality.

Production Printers:
Production Printers play a key role when it comes to printing loads of stuff real fast. They’re super convenient for big jobs, making books, magazines, or lots of ads at a superfast pace and in massive amounts. These printers are made for large-scale printing jobs, working rapidly and efficiently. In addition to their high-speed capabilities, Production Printers excel in delivering superior print quality and offer a variety of finishing options. This includes advanced features like high-capacity sheet feeding, allowing for continuous printing without frequent paper refills. Furthermore, Production Printers provide a massive range of finishing options such as heavy-duty staple options, paper stacking, cutting, binding, punching, and trimming. They also offer the choice to print on various mediums and incorporate smart automation of repetitive tasks, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

What is the difference between Monochrome and Color Multifunction printers?

Monochrome Printers:
Monochrome Printers copy and print in just black and white. They are perfect for documents that do not need any color.

Color Multifunction Printers:
Color Multifunction Printers can print in lots of colors, not just black and white. You can make things look bright and vivid with all sorts of colors, making documents, pictures, or graphs really pop!

What is the difference between Single Function and Multifunction Printers?

Single Function Printers:
Single Function Printers, as the name suggests, do one main thing—printing! They’re focused machines that solely print documents, photos, or anything you need on paper. These printers excel at printing and that is their primary job.

Multifunction Printers:
Multifunction Printers offer a comprehensive solution by combining various functions—printing, scanning, copying, and faxing—all within a single device. This not only enhances efficiency for a range of tasks but also optimizes space by consolidating multiple functions into one unit.

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Xerox® PrimeLink® Series Printers

Leverage the secure and automated printing capabilities of the Xerox® PrimeLink® printers. Crafted to help modern businesses and in-plant print shops simplify and accelerate their printing process, these compact devices are endlessly configurable according to your needs.

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Xerox® VersaLink® Series Printer

Say hello to a versatile solution for your core printing needs. Xerox® VersaLink® printers are cloud-connected, mobile-ready, and app-driven, making them ideal for home offices and SMBs (2 to 20 users). The VersaLink® series features both compact printers and multifunction devices.

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