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Every business needs reliable and efficient devices to print, scan, copy, and fax documents on a daily basis. And what could be more reliable than Xerox® – the frontrunner in technological innovation, the inventor of “xerography,” and pioneer of the first plain photocopier? As a Xerox® authorized sales agent, Flynn’s Office Solutions has access to the full range of Xerox® products, contracts and services in Manhattan, New York City.

  • Guaranteed genuine Xerox® printers & copiers, supplies and parts in Xerox® equipment.
  • Service direct from Xerox® for the entire portfolio
  • Outstanding print speed, paper capacity, graphics specs, and wireless printing

Depending on your needs, volumes, and processes, we can help you with a flexible lease plan that works for you. With Flynn’s Office Solutions, you get more than just another office printer on lease – you get a partner you can always count on. Switch to Xerox® with Flynn’s.

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Multifunction Printers

Centralize your document production, management, and distribution processes with a ConnectKey®-enabled smart workplace assistant a.k.a. multifunction printer (MFP). Our best-in-class Xerox® MFPs for SMBs feature easy-to-use apps, so you get one single, powerful machine that combines the capabilities of a printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine.

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Production Printers

Experience superlative print quality at incredible speeds with the industry leader, Xerox®. Designed for businesses that need to print massive volumes in quick time, our powerful production printers feature various configuration options. With flexible leasing models, Flynn’s gives you convenience, efficiency, and control.

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Printer Supplies

Every business needs reliable and efficient devices to print, scan, copy, and fax documents on a daily basis. And what could be more reliable than Xerox® – the frontrunner in technological innovation, the inventor of “xerography,” and pioneer of the first plain photocopier? As a Xerox® authorized sales agent, Flynn’s Office Solutions has access to the full range of Xerox® products, contracts and services in Manhattan, NYC.

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Popular Xerox® Printer Series

Xerox Printer Seris

VersaLink® Printer

Say hello to a versatile solution for your core printing needs. Xerox® VersaLink® printers are cloud-connected, mobile-ready, and app-driven, making them ideal for home offices and SMBs (2 to 20 users). The VersaLink® series features both compact printers and multifunction devices.

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Xerox Printer Seris

AltaLink® Printers

Automate and optimize complex, high-volume printing jobs with Xerox® AltaLink® multifunction printers. Designed for large workgroups, these ultramodern machines offer smart, intuitive, and user-friendly features, including wireless printing, workflow apps, and advanced built-in security.

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Xerox Printer Seris

PrimeLink® Printers

Leverage the secure and automated printing capabilities of the Xerox® PrimeLink® printers. Crafted to help modern businesses and in-plant print shops simplify and accelerate their printing process, these compact devices are endlessly configurable according to your needs.

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Patty RavelPatty Ravel
13:53 20 Jul 23
Kevin (Griffin) has been our salesman for as long as I can remember. We recently used Flynn's to procure a new Xerox machine. From our first meeting to discuss our needs up to and including the day it was delivered, everything went smoothly and – most importantly – Kevin ALWAYS addressed my concerns in a timely manner. Special shout out to Brian (Cantor) who stepped up to the plate when Kevin was on vacation. Just a great bunch of guys who take their client base seriously and have a great pride in their work product. I highly recommend Flynn's to anyone who is looking to purchase or lease new equipment.
Diana AmalfitanoDiana Amalfitano
20:48 14 Jun 23
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Another amazing, attentive and professional Xerox installation done by Flynn's, especially Brian Cantor. His knowledge, patience and willingness to teach makes any dealings with Flynn's an absolute pleasure. It is a seamless experience, from being well informed of products that would work for us, to a hands-on delivery and set-up, we can always count on Brian to be front and center. Flynn's has always been the place we go to for our office needs. From the owners to the delivery staff, they are just a great group of people, who we feel are like family. After more than a 20-year relationship with Flynn's, we couldn't imagine dealing with anyone else. It's a marriage made in heaven! Thank you again!
H. L.H. L.
15:41 21 Feb 23
We’ve been partnering with Flynn’s for over 15 years now and they continue to do an excellent job for us. Kevin in particular is outstanding to work with. He is highly responsive and knowledgeable in all facets of printing. He does a great job recommending the appropriate solutions that fit our needs. We recently renewed the lease on our Xerox printers and Kevin made the entire processes seamless and smooth, including being onsite during delivery and installation. This has been consistent throughout our time working with Flynn’s and speaks to their ongoing commitment. Kudos to Kevin and the team at Flynn’s. Keep up the good work!
Joseph MonacoJoseph Monaco
17:46 27 Jan 23
I was very frustrated with the install process BUT Brian and Kevin are responsive and worked through the process
Helene CohenHelene Cohen
13:20 19 Jan 23
I have been working with Flynn's for many years and Brian and the team at Flynn's are amazing! Anytime I need anything, Brian is quick to respond. I would highly recommend Flynn's for all your office needs and especially when you're looking to lease a copier/printer.
Alex Z.Alex Z.
13:31 25 May 22
Brian and the team at Flynn's were very helpful and timely with setting our office up with a new printer. The prices were great and the whole process was a breeze as Brian was at the office to make sure everything was set up correctly. Would recommend Flynn's to anyone looking to lease a printer for their office.


What are the benefits of leasing a printer?

1. What are the benefits of leasing a printer? Leasing a printer with Flynn's Office Solutions comes with a myriad of benefits:

  • No upfront cost: Leasing allows businesses to access the latest Xerox® printing technology without a substantial upfront cost.
  • Latest technology: Leasing provides flexibility for businesses to upgrade to newer models as technology evolves.
  • Included service and supplies: Our leasing plans include comprehensive on-site service and support directly from Xerox® as well as genuine Xerox® supplies, ensuring optimal performance throughout the lease period.

Explore the advantages of leasing and discover a cost-effective and efficient solution for your printing needs.

What is the difference between Lease and Rent?

Leasing and renting are similar, but there are some nuances. Flynn's Office Solutions can assist with both. Generally, rentals are seen as more short-term whereas leases often cover longer periods, like a contract for a few years. But sometimes within different contexts, the terms "rent" and "lease" might be used interchangeably, leading to some variability in their perceived meanings.

Is it cheaper to lease or buy a copier?

The cost-effectiveness of leasing versus buying a copier depends on your business needs and financial considerations. Leasing with Flynn's Office Solutions provides advantages such as spreading costs over time, accessing the latest technology, and including service and support. Buying may be cost-effective in the long run for businesses with stable, long-term printing requirements. Evaluate your specific needs and budget to determine the most economical choice for your copier solution.

What to look for when leasing a copier?

When leasing a copier consider key factors for an optimal choice.

  • First, assess your business's printing volume and speed requirements.
  • Look for flexible lease terms that align with your budget and contract preferences.
  • Ensure the lease includes comprehensive service and support.
  • Check for upgrade options to stay current with evolving technology.

Choose a copier that meets your specific needs and explore our range of Xerox® options for reliable performance.

What happens when a printer lease ends?

There are 5 things that customers can do at the end of a lease:

  • Do nothing. Equipment leases auto renew based on the lease terms, typically 30 to 90 days.
  • Upgrade/swap to new equipment
  • Refinance
  • Purchase
  • Return

What is the difference between copiers and printers?

Here are the similarities and nuances between copiers and printers:


Variable Sizes: Printers can come in various sizes—some are big while others are smaller.

Advanced Term: "Printer" is the more common term today, covering devices that produce both copies and prints, with some offering additional functions like scanning and faxing.

While the term "copier" may be an obsolete term nowadays and found in bigger setups, printers cover a wider range of devices used in various settings.

What is the Difference Between Office Printers, Business Printers, and Multifunction Printers?

The terms "multifunction printer," "office printer", and "business printer" are often used interchangeably, but they can have specific nuances in certain contexts. The multifunction, office, and business printers share common functionalities and compact designs, streamlining multiple machines into a single space-saving unit. The selection among these options depends on the specific needs of an organization. Whether opting for a multifunction, office, or business printer hinges on tailoring the choice to meet the unique requirements of the organization.

The choice between a multifunction printer, office printer, or business printer depends on the specific needs and scale of the organization. Smaller businesses or home offices might find a multifunction printer sufficient, while larger enterprises with high-volume printing requirements may opt for business-class printers.

What is the Difference Between Commercial Printers and Production Printers?

Production printers are geared towards high-volume, high-quality printing in professional printing environments, while commercial printers cater to a broader range of businesses with varying printing needs and may not have the same level of speed and volume capabilities. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements and scale of the printing operations.

What is the difference between AltaLink, PrimeLink and VersaLink series printers?

These series are designed for different business needs and offer various features. Here are some general characteristics of each series:

AltaLink Series:

Use Case: The PrimeLink printers are typically designed for high-volume and high quality printing and are suitable for graphic arts departments, marketing departments and large businesses with demanding printing requirements.

Features: PrimeLink devices include advanced finishing options, high-speed printing, and exceptional image quality.

Productivity: These printers often focus on maximizing productivity and efficiency in high-demand printing environments.

VersaLink Series: VersaLink printers are typically designed to cater to the needs of a wide range of businesses, offering versatile features that enhance productivity, security, and overall printing efficiency.

Features: While still providing advanced features, VersaLink devices might have a more user-friendly interface and simpler setup compared to AltaLink or PrimeLink.

Connectivity: VersaLink printers might offer a range of connectivity options, including mobile printing and cloud services.

When choosing between these series, it's essential to consider your specific business needs, such as the volume of printing, required features, budget considerations, and any specific industry requirements. Each series may have different models within it, offering a range of capabilities and specifications.

Which locations in the US do we cater to?

We extend our services exclusively to businesses with headquarters in New York City, ensuring a focused commitment to this vibrant business hub. Additionally, we cater to diverse areas such as Chelsea, Upper East Side, Turtle Bay, Lenox Hill, Midtown Manhattan, and Manhattan reflecting our broad scope within this dynamic cityscape.

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