We let our work do the talking.

Mr. Eric Roberts has been our Xerox Account Manager since the year 2000. From time to time he has helped us with different troubleshooting problems with our copy machines. He has been a highly respected account rep that we turn to for his complete and thorough understanding of our machines and patience with us. We can call Eric anytime with an issue and is available either by phone or email. We do not call the Xerox troubleshooting line because Eric attends to us professionally and in a timely manner. Eric helped us enormously in March 2010 when it was time to order an updated Xerox copy machine. We were looking into a multi-copy machine and I called Eric and he advised which machine would be appropriate for our office. It is January 2011 and I cannot tell you how this machine at the advice of Eric has helped us so much. You have a great employee who keeps his customers happy. Glad to have him as our Xerox Account Rep.
Ivelisse Rios

Energy Trust

For the past twelve years that I have been with Sugar Foods Corporation (and for the two years prior to that when I was with SFX Entertainment), I have used Flynn’s Xerox as my office equipment vendor. For most of that time, Kevin Griffin has been my sales representative. When I think of Kevin, I don’t think of him as a vendor but as an asset that can enable me to perform my own job at the higher level. Whenever a machine has come up on lease, Kevin has always provided us with excellent options. On those occasions wherein we opted to go for a buy-out there was never any hard sell approach from him. When I have bid out machines to other vendors besides Flynn’s, Kevin has always come in with a better proposal. Anytime we have had a billing issue or a repair issue, he has helped us to resolve the issue quickly and effectively. When we’ve run out of a consumable and a particular machine was inoperable, Kevin has contacted his other customers and arranged a supply loan for us so we could get up and running again. There are only a handful of sales representatives that I’ve worked with as long as Kevin. I look forward to seeing what the next twelve years will bring.
John M. Mcquade

Sugar Foods Corporation