December 14, 2022

Let’s face it. There’s nothing worse than copying documents ahead of an important meeting or deadline, only to realize that your copier is on the brink. And for most organizations, having a high-quality, functioning copier is critical – the irony is we don’t seem to realize how necessary until it breaks down. It typically takes a few painfully slow printing cycles and error messages, and then the next thing you know, a large note saying “out of order” halts you in your tracks. So to help you stay ahead of this and know when it’s time to get a new copier, here are 5 signs you should be aware of. 

5 Signs It’s Time for a New Copier

Before we dive in, we recommend starting off by asking yourself the following 3 key questions about your current copier:

  • Is your current copier over 4 years old?
  • Has the number of people using the copier increased since you took delivery of it?
  • Have you had to call for service more than once in the last 12 months?

Answering yes to any of the above questions may not necessarily mean that your printer is on its last legs, but it can be taken as a tell-tale sign that it warrants asking whether it’s time to consider a replacement.

#1 Is the Print Quality Getting Worse?

As the old adage goes, the quality of your work (in this case, print) is a reflection of you. Poor-quality prints and copies can turn off clients and leave a bad impression in the eyes of the recipient. And while it’s expected for print quality to deteriorate over time – a new car, for example, is unlikely to drive like new after a few years – failing to resolve this with quick fixes like changing the toner cartridges are signs that it’s time for a new printer.

#2 Is Your Printer Using Outdated Security Technology?

Over the years, mobile phones and computers have both advanced and become significantly more secure as a result of developments in technology. The same applies to printers. Modern printers such as Xerox® Multifunction Printers are equipped with secure print features to protect sensitive data within your business and safeguard your digital footprint. If you’re using an outdated copier, it may be putting your business at risk.

#3 Is Your Printer Keeping Up With the Increase in Users?

As your business evolves its offerings and your workforce grows, it’s crucial you have a printer that can keep up with both the types and volumes of data you print. Xerox® printers come with recommended volumes and duty cycles. And while Xerox® indicates that the volumes your copier can do in a month, consistently operating at the stated duty cycle month in and month out could reduce your printer’s lifespan.

#4 Are Increased Breakdowns and Downtime Turning Your Copier into a Liability?

You should feel confident in the reliability of your printer and expect near-100% availability for routine tasks like printing, copying, and scanning. However, with age comes breakdowns, and breakdowns mean downtime. If you’re constantly having to pull out the ‘Out of order’ sign and call for service, then getting a new printer rather than riding it out with your current one may well save you time and therefore money.

#5 Is Your Copier Aligned with Your Corporate Sustainability Goals?

Corporate sustainability has become the latest buzzword for organizations of all sizes. And with companies under pressure to find sustainable ways to operate, your copier shouldn’t be an exception. If your copier isn’t energy efficient or utilizing eco-friendly toner cartridges, then you may want to consider a modern, sustainable Xerox® copier that’s aligned with your organization’s sustainability objectives.

Replacing Your Office Copier with Flynn’s

While keeping on to a copier that works with ‘hiccups’ might sound like the most cost-effective option, the hidden costs of not replacing a copier could be hurting your business. If reading the above has led you to the conclusion that your copier might be nearing the end of its lifespan, then we’re here to help. At Flynn’s, we’ve been helping businesses as an authorized Xerox® Partner since 1993 with their printing and copying needs. Reach out below to get tailored advice on your copier and a free quote on leasing the latest Xerox® options.

Brian Cantor

Brian Cantor is the President of Flynn's Office Solutions, a Xerox Authorized Sales Agent and Accredited Managed Print Services Provider in New York City. For over 13 years, Brian has been focused on helping organizations and their people get documents from A to B efficiently and securely using Xerox hardware and software solutions. Prior to Flynn's, Brian was a management consultant at Deloitte helping to deliver multi-million dollar technology projects across the Software Development Life Cycle. You can find Brian on LinkedIn and Twitter